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TAZEEN Zulfen Hair Oil Bottle
Natural Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Gain Tonic)


Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil is Natural Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Gain Tonic For all hair types.


Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil is Clinically tested for all hair types
Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil Benefits Overall Hair Growth and Development
The active root energisers of this hair tonic, strengthen the roots of your hair.
Visibly reduced Hair Loss in 90 days
Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil keeps your hair moisturized and prevents excess dryness of scalp.
Additional Traits: Clinically Tested, Reduces Dandruff, Accelerates Hair Growth, Active Root Energizers, Moisturises Scalp and Hair, Enriched with Hair Re-growth oil, Controls Hair Fall in 25 days
Fight hair problems with Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil, that gives your hair the necessary nourishment.
Regular use of Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil accelerates your hair growth and gives you voluminous hair.
See the difference in just 25 days and get rid of hair fall problem.
Regular application of Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil will save you from dandruff problem.
NOTE: Not for use directly on broken skin or open by bringing relief to the painful area by means of massage and absorption into the affected tissue, as well as via the inhalation of the aromatherapeutic properties of the blend.

Ingredients Include:

Essential Oils Blend for Treatment, Prevent Hair Falling, Graying of Hair, Arrest Dandruff, Enhance Hair Growth.
Unani Medicine improves skin tone and has a calming effect on your body.

Key Features :

Reduce the Hair Falling
After Physical Injury and Trauma do not use.
After surgery (Including cosmetic surgery) do not use.
To soothe and promote faster hair growth. 
For sore voluminous hair.
For dandruff problem
All hari types


Brand - Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil (Hair Gain Tonic)
Type - Hair Oil
Recommended Age - 2 years +
Quantity - 100 ml 
Container Type - Bottle

Brand Information : TAZEEN ZULFEN HAIR OIL

For over 3 generations we havae been catering to the needs of people and have been trusted for our renowned products. With such immense trust and goodwill, the need was felt to diversify into other areas of health care.We have introduced unani products, all manufactured with pure natural ingredients of the highest quality, manufactured with modern processes. Subjected to stringent quality controls tests to give our customer complete Satisfaction.
All our products and ideas are innovative, as we believe in Customer Satisfaction.
Thus was born an idea called TAZEEN.


  -  07 Feb 2015
"Value for money"
 It is the best as compared to other and mothercare However it is value for money good product in this pricing range.

Result :

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