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Naturo Power 


Naturo Power is an Unani Health tonic for General Debility and Strengthens Innerpower.


Naturo Power is good for healthy and Boon for unhealthy.
Naturo Power is useful in Purifies blood, increases blood platelets haemo-globin.
Naturo Power is Good against all kinds of blood such as anemia and thalassemia, improves blood sugar disorders.
Naturo Power Improves digestive system (Acidity, Constipation etc).
Naturo Power Acts as a very effective energizer.
Naturo Power Increases body resistance and builds Immune system.
Naturo Power Improves the body ability to heal wounds.
Naturo Power An extremely important body cleanser & natural anti-oxidant.
Naturo Power Helps in preventing and combating cancerous diseases.
Naturo Power helps to cure many problem etc. 

Ingredients Include:

Benefits Overall Growth and Development
Unani Medicine improves skin tone and has a calming effect on your body.

Key Features :

Unani Health tonic for General Weaknes
Helps in preventing and combating cancerous diseases.
Helps to cure many diseases.
Improves the body ability to heal wounds.
Increases body resistance and builds Immune system.


Brand - Naturo Power
Type - Health Supplement
Recommended Age - 9 +
Quantity - 300 gms 
Container Type - Bottle

Brand Information : Naturo Power

For over 3 generations we havae been catering to the needs of people and have been trusted for our renowned products. With such immense trust and goodwill, the need was felt to diversify into other areas of health care.We have introduced unani products, all manufactured with pure natural ingredients of the highest quality, manufactured with modern processes. Subjected to stringent quality controls tests to give our customer complete Satisfaction.
All our products and ideas are innovative, as we believe in Customer Satisfaction.
Thus was born an idea called TAZEEN.


  -  02 Feb 2015
"Health is Wealth"
I have use this product, naturally good one.

Result :

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