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Naturo Power

  • Improves the body ability to heal wounds.
  • Acts as a very effective energizer.
  • Health tonic for Genral Weakness
  • Good against all kinds of blood improvement, Helps body growth

Tazeen Massage Oil

  • For Body  Pain and Swelling
  • For Joint and Bones Pain
  • For Burns, Cuts, Sprains
  • Relieves Joint and Muscular Pain
  • Relief from arthritis
  • Faster healing of sports injuries

Tazeen Baby Oil

  • Specific for Body Massage
  • Useful for Mental Rest
  • Useful for Fairness
  • Makes skin healthy
  • Benefits Overall Growth and Development

Tazeen Zulfen Hair Oil

  • Natural Remedies for Hair Loss
  • Hair Gain Tonic all hair types
  • Prevents Hair Falling
  • Graying of Hair, Arrest Dandruff
  • Overall Hair Growth and Develop
  • Moisturises Scalp and Hair

Why Our Unani Medicine?

For over 3 generations we havae been catering to the needs of people and have been trusted for our renowned products. With such immense trust and goodwill, the need was felt to diversify into other areas of health care.We have introduced unani products, all manufactured with pure natural ingredients of the highest quality, manufactured with modern processes. Subjected to stringent quality controls tests to give our customer complete Satisfaction.
All our products and ideas are innovative, as we believe in Customer Satisfaction.
Thus was born an idea called TAZEEN.